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Everything You Need to Know About Windows 11

Microsoft is releasing Windows 11 this month with the official date of October 5th.  You may remember Microsoft told us Windows 10 was their last release, and that everything new would just be an update applied to Windows 10.  Well, that was so 2015.  Here we are now with a new version on the way,…
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6 Ways to Create an Innovative Outlook That is Receptive to Change

We are in an age of innovation that is unparalleled in its acceleration, expansion, and impact.  We’ve witnessed the rise of Amazon, and the industry revolutionizing impact of Uber and other disruptors like Airbnb, Bitcoin, Netflix, and Tesla. It is easy to see the change going on in other industries, and recognize that the old-line…
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5 Things to Learn from Recent Cybersecurity Attacks

Imagine that you live in a complex of high-end condominiums with high-end services.  The management office in your building keeps a master key that unlocks every condominium, so that they can seamlessly provide services to each owner.  For instance, they handle all home maintenance requests, they offer weekly condo cleaning, they will even have a…
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10 Ways to Cultivate the Art of Thinking Like a Customer

I heard a story from Mike, one of our Technology Advisors about his experience taking his family to dinner for a birthday celebration.  They just moved into a new house, so they tried out a Mexican restaurant near them that was supposed to be good.  Once they were settled in, the waiter began to take…
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10 Secrets to Manage Your IT Effectively

Effective IT management still often gets treated like a mystery by small to medium sized organizations.  I’m not totally sure what keeps it in that realm.  I think it is because these organizations with 10 to 200 technology users are in a position where hiring on-staff IT and managing it is not practical.  If they…
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