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The Next Steps for Cloud in Your Business

Cloud has been at the top of the IT list for years.  If you look back at the prognostications of IT and advisory groups like Gartner and others, you will find the cloud ranked in the top 10 technologies for years now.  You may even be tired of hearing about the cloud, which is fair. …
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Is Your IT Company a Real MSP?

I have noticed in the last year or so, that the term MSP has become quite common.  For years, when talking about IT services, I would explain what it meant to be an MSP, and how we differed from the old-line, call-em-when-things-break, IT vendor.  Now people are familiar with the term, which sounds like a…
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Creating Space to Innovate

Innovation is a quality that we strive for in businesses.  It may even be part of our mission or values.  After all, innovation drives companies forward and creates differentiation, which often results in growth.  If innovation is so important, how do we foster an environment that produces it? Our views on innovation are often quite…
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Managed Service Provider

7 Crucial Factors to Consider When Evaluating Your Current MSP

The global managed services market has reached more than 200 billion U.S. dollars this year. Revenue from managed services is expected to exceed 300 billion U.S. dollars in the next few years.  Managed Services Providers (MSPs) can be effective for your business only when they meet your organizational requirements. Your MSP should also be in…
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Remote Work Security

8 Steps to Tighten up Remote Work Security for Your Wisconsin Business

An approximate 16 million U.S. workers started working remotely due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The instant shift to remote working has exposed businesses and their employees to new cybersecurity threats. Businesses have witnessed a 667% increase in spear-phishing email attacks related to COVID-19 since the end of February this year.  According to William Altman,…
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