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At CTaccess, we care for the wholistic performance of our clients’ technology — from infrastructure to the business processes that are enabled by that technology.

We provide proactive, transparent, and responsive attention to all aspects of technology and workflow systems so that our clients can focus on what they do best.

Most of our clients seek assistance either in Managed IT or Business Process Automation. There are also those who approach us for guidance in both areas. CTaccess is dedicated to helping you elevate your technology's performance based on your specific needs.

The CTaccess Story

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CTaccess was founded as Computer Technologies back in 1990 by Gary Eide in a small office on Forest Home Ave in Milwaukee. Shortly after founding the company, Gary hired on his daughter Vicki and son-in-law Scott, who today serve as our management team. As the business has evolved over the years, we have continued to grow our staff and service offerings to adapt to the ever-changing technology needs of our clients.

In 1998, we decided to venture into the world of what then was called Document Imaging. We started a partnership with Laserfiche that is still in place today. In 2008, we began to change our IT support practice from a break/fix approach to a managed services practice. We deployed management tools and designed a process intensive methodology, ensuring that we would provide a high-performance outsourced IT department to our clients. This methodology has grown and improved over the years, and our reach has expanded to help new clients in Wisconsin and Northern Illinois.

Today we are a thriving and growing company. Our commitment to the values upon which CTaccess was founded has not changed. We are focused on helping companies who have similar values and purpose to ours. We want to improve the lives of those we work with, improve our own team, and improve the companies that we work with. In addition, we strive to reach out to our community to help those in need.
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What It’s Like to Work with CTaccess

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We Break Our Partners Out of the “Break/Fix” Cycle

When it comes to IT, organizations often live with a “fix it when it breaks” strategy (or lack of strategy). As your IT and technology performance partner, CTaccess gets you out of that reactive (and expensive) pattern into a more beneficial process-based life cycle. That means we monitor every aspect of your technology infrastructure to predict when things will need to be updated, upgraded, or fixed.

We pay close attention to your technology at all times, not just when it needs fixing. When CTaccess is watching over your technology, you’ll experience less downtime, greater productivity, more efficiency and focus, better communication, and ultimately, stronger morale.

We Value Your Long Term Success, and Partnership

Our strength comes in using our expertise to find real solutions for your pressing problems, and we can't do that by simply being order takers or forcing you into the same box as everyone else. We provide the most value by being a true partner, and those are the types of relationships we're looking to create. Decades of experience have taught us exactly how and who we can best help

Our People

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At CTaccess, our entire team works together to offer solid, supported solutions that provide our clients with the highest values at the best price. We know that navigating the ever-changing landscapes of technology can be difficult, so we’ve built a team of technical people who can communicate on a non-technical level. As evidenced in our "no-voicemail" policy, we promote high levels of communication in every facet of our company.

Like you, we believe in constant improvement. Consistently becoming better at what we do is important to us. We are always looking for ways to improve and grow.

Our Mission: Improving lives through technology.


Be Kind

Kindness is the first value on our list, and for good reason. We promise to not only offer high quality services and industry-leading expertise, but to foster a culture of compassion, empathy, and camaraderie with our clients, our partners, and within our own teams.


Think Like a Customer

We know how frustrating it can be when your technology isn’t working the way it should be. As your technology performance partner, we seek to put ourselves in our clients' shoes so we can truly understand how your technology is affecting your world. We always want to be part of the solution so that we can eliminate your technology headaches for good, not contribute to them.

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Do the Right Thing

Where other service providers may opt for the “path of least resistance,” our team at CTaccess is dedicated to exploring all viable options and doing whatever it takes to provide our clients with high quality, long term solutions at the most competitive rates available. We promise to always do the right thing — even if it isn’t the easiest.


Do Great Things Together

Technology is only valuable if it empowers your people, your teams, and your processes. Whether it’s document management or enhanced IT operations, our team at CTaccess will join forces with yours in order to find solutions that produce results, drive your success, and make things better for everyone. We believe in the power of “we” — meaning we want to work with you, not just for you.


Lead the Way

As a business, we are always striving to learn, grow, and adapt well to change. As your partner, that is still our goal. Our team of experts will work hard for you and with you to keep you at the top of your game. We aim to continually learn and grow together.


Create Connections

Improving lives through technology means ensuring that the solutions not only enhance your performance, but your communication and culture as well. At CTaccess, we want to make new friends every day, so we seek to build relationships with clients and partners who are just as passionate about their work and their people as we are.

CTaccess Leadership

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Scott Hirschfeld

Owner / President

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vicki Hirschfeld

Owner / Vice President

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Brian Dean

Client Services Manager

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