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At CTaccess, we support clients through today’s digital transformation by utilizing Laserfiche.

More than just a simple process automation tool, it's a way to bring your people and their workflows fully into the digital world, making tasks electronic in a way that builds efficiency at the same time.

The CTaccess and Laserfiche® Advantage

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Used by over 30,000 organizations across the globe, Laserfiche is an industry leading workflow automation and document management platform designed for businesses in industries like government, financial services, manufacturing, distribution, education, and not-for-profit agencies. It's a solution that automates and accelerates a wide variety of business processes across the enterprise, from new account openings to back-office operations. This puts firms of every size in a better position to simplify compliance and enhance business value.

Consider all of the following things that you can do with Laserfiche that you probably CAN'T do right now:
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You can already build checklists and workflows manually, but well-built Laserfiche workflows and forms eliminate the need for all of this time-consuming, administrative work to begin with.

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If an employee fails to complete an important task, their manager is instantly reminded so they can follow up.

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It also naturally provides metrics that help you determine where the bottlenecks in your processes are, thus putting you in a position to act on them for meaningful improvements.

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Laserfiche removes the need to constantly second guess yourself, checking and rechecking your processes.

Laserfiche represents more than just a digital transformation.

For businesses like yours, it's about bringing your entire infrastructure more in line with the expectations of the modern era. It's about bringing the same level of services and ease-of-use you get with something like Uber or Amazon right to your organization.

Our Digital Transformation Process

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As a provider of Laserfiche, we don’t just plug in the program and leave. We help you diagram your processes, propose ideas for use, provide installation support, train users, and continually help you find more ways to make the most of your investment. We track it all through a five phase transformation model.

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We scan paper into an electronic file cabinet for digital archiving and retrieval.

You’re focused on getting rid of paper. You’re creating a digital filing cabinet, making information easier to find. As we’ve seen, digitizing and organizing your documents is a major accomplishment that brings major improvements to how you work.

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We automate document capture and classification into a central repository to share information and break down silos.

You’re focused on creating efficiencies. You’re creating a paperless office. And going paperless is a significant accomplishment. It introduces considerable improvements to business operations and transforms the way you work.

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We build a platform to go digital first. Using electronic forms, we digitize processes to improve accountability.

You’re working toward entirely eliminating manual processes and standardizing ad hoc digital processes, like those manual approvals by email that always seem to get lost. You’re managing throughput and improving customer service. And you’re even working toward integrating documents with your line of business applications to make information available whenever – and wherever – you need it.

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We strive to increase operational transparency and efficiency of cross-functional processes.

You’re focused on continuous improvement of existing processes, as well as on using data to inform business decisions and ensure efficiency in your business processes.

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We are no longer in maintenance mode, but are focused on innovation and transformation.

You’re aligning your processes to reflect your business objectives, and finding ways to use the information you already have to improve not just the present, but the future.

"... increased staff efficiencies, productivity, and engagement."

"Milwaukee Center for Independence (MCFI) was storing a large volume of paper documentation used by staff and clients in a document repository on SharePoint. After repeated concerns with efficient retrieval of the stored information, we reached out to CTaccess to discuss an alternative solution. Scott not only recommended another solution for the immediate need, but also provided a platform to build electronic web-based forms for collecting the necessary data and eliminating the paper forms, with the ability to expand the solution to other departments of the agency. One of those departments was Accounts Payable. The platform created by CTaccess allowed for electronic storage of vendor invoices, the design of an automated workflow approval process, and a file feed to the ledger system of the approved invoice data. The Laserfiche solutions offered by CTaccess allowed MCFI to automate these two manual processes and store the related data electronically, both of which increased staff efficiencies, productivity, and engagement."

Joel Hoedel

Applications and Development Manager - Milwaukee Center for Independence (MCFI)
Milwaukee, WI

The World is Digital. So Is Your Business.

In a world where Amazon and Uber have become the expected standard of automation, it is time to make a change. We help organizations take the next steps on that journey by designing and implementing automation solutions that complement their current operations and create dramatic efficiencies.

If this sounds like something you'd like to explore further, contact us today to confirm whether our unique blend of Enterprise Content Management is precisely the solution you've been waiting for.