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H.O Bostrom

H.O. Bostrom is a specialty seating manufacturer based out of Waukesha, WI that makes seats for equipment like fire trucks, heavy construction vehicles, military vehicles, yachts, and more. They have been working in this industry since 1946.
For years they worked with an on-staff IT person that handled most of the day to day issues and brought in an external IT company only when necessary. A frequent turnover rate at the in house-IT position had them stuck in a cycle of bringing on interns or hiring recent college grads. While they found some good junior techs over time, they also experienced technical issues that brought about business disruption. And, it seemed that every time a new hire was brought up to speed, they would leave the company - causing the entire cycle to start over again. John Bostrom recognized the need for a change and contacted CTaccess for a solution.
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"CTaccess was able to come in and essentially take over our entire IT landscape. We lacked the big picture of what IT should being doing for our organization. They completely took ownership of our environment, negated our long-standing issues, and provided a consistent strategy to move forward. Years later, they are still a great partner in our continued growth and success."

Photo of John Bostrom
John Bostrom

President/CEO - H.O. Bostrom Co.
Waukesha, WI

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Milwaukee Center for Independence

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"... increased staff efficiencies, productivity, and engagement."

"Milwaukee Center for Independence (MCFI) was storing a large volume of paper documentation used by staff and clients in a document repository on SharePoint. After repeated concerns with efficient retrieval of the stored information, we reached out to CTaccess to discuss an alternative solution. Scott not only recommended another solution for the immediate need, but also provided a platform to build electronic web-based forms for collecting the necessary data and eliminating the paper forms, with the ability to expand the solution to other departments of the agency. One of those departments was Accounts Payable. The platform created by CTaccess allowed for electronic storage of vendor invoices, the design of an automated workflow approval process, and a file feed to the ledger system of the approved invoice data. The Laserfiche solutions offered by CTaccess allowed MCFI to automate these two manual processes and store the related data electronically, both of which increase staff efficiencies, productivity, and engagement."

Joel Hoedel

Applications and Development Manager - Milwaukee Center for Independence (MCFI)
Milwaukee, WI

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Doctors Oxygen Service

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"Making the switch to CTaccess was one of the best business moves we've made."

"We came to CTaccess from another IT company where we were facing recurring issues with wait times when accessing files, email downtime, and getting a very slow response from our "support" desk that we were paying for. We had been in the midst of a server upgrade for almost a year, and if we had stayed the current course, it could have been several more years before it was complete. After we engaged CTaccess, they set a plan within a month, and finished the server upgrade shortly thereafter. We've been with CTaccess ever since. Making the switch to CTaccess was one of the best business moves we've made."

Clayton Antholz

Vice-President - Doctors Oxygen Service, Inc.
Franklin, WI

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Groth Design Group

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"The difference was night and day."

"We started working with CTaccess during a major growth period in our business, and we realized that handling the IT in-house was just the wrong use of our resources. Yes, our systems were not as strong as they could have been, but more importantly our team members were spending their energy in the wrong places.

CTaccess came in and almost immediately, the difference was night and day. They enforced a kind of "IT discipline" that really brought down the number of issues we were facing. What we found was that many of the issues we were facing had less to do with bad luck and were more about not paying attention to cycle times on equipment, using equipment that couldn't handle the load of our growing network, etc.
Now, we don't have to worry about Wi-Fi going down constantly. We don't have to worry about the network, or access when bringing new employees onboard. Over the last three years, our IT has been stable and calm and isn't something we need to talk about much - which is exactly how it should be."
Photo of Mike Groth
Mike Groth

Managing Partner - Groth Design Group
Milwaukee, WI

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Krause Funeral Home & Cremation Services

"We left CTaccess and realized that we couldn't live without them!"

"At one point some years back, the decision was made for us to leave CTaccess to try and manage our IT in a different way. However, as it's often said, "The grass isn't always greener...!" As a firm that relies heavily on technology on a daily basis, we never realized how lucky we actually were to have them handling our entire IT infrastructure... until we DIDN'T have them watching our back. Needless to say, we swiftly made the decision to re-engage and have never been happier!

Our business has 40+ users at multiple locations that all need IT support on a regular basis. The CTaccess team has been incredibly responsive and ensures that we NEVER have down time. For more than a decade now, they've been the right partner for us and truly understand the needs of small business. I've greatly appreciated the strong relationship we've fostered and the personal attention we receive. Over the years, Scott has always made the time to personally meet over breakfast to go over new business goals and to make sure he understands our changing company process and initiatives.

I cannot thank and recommend them highly enough. They take care of me AND my business!"

Mark Krause

Owner - Krause Funeral Home &
Cremation Services