Is Your Business at Risk of an Attack or Security Breach?

Are you able to respond quickly and minimize the damages? What would a security breach do to your business?

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Most organizations rely on the basic security provisions that were put into place years ago - things like a firewall, anti-virus, and SPAM protection. This security is important, but it takes an additional layer of security to keep you safe today.

CTaccess has developed a unique approach to understanding the vulnerabilities that exist in an organization, addressing those vulnerabilities, and then helping to keep those shields up and active. If you have compliance standards to keep, we help you meet them.

Cybersecurity Solutions from CTaccess

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Creating a strong defense requires a deep understanding of where you stand. Our assessment identifies vulnerabilities and weaknesses so that they can be addressed.



Once we know where the vulnerabilities are, we solve the problem. Remediation addresses the technical gaps as well as procedural needs and the new perimeter - your people.



Cybersecurity requires constant vigilance. We provide the necessary ongoing management to keep your defenses at their best.

What's Included

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You get all the benefits of a state-of-the-art enterprise security plan in exchange for just one fixed monthly fee:
Incident Response

In cases where a security incident is emerging, we will respond, investigate, and work with you to stop the breach.

Security Assessments

Our risk assessment is customized to the needs of your organization and your industry. It includes best practice alignment, deep scans, and an executive level summary that cuts out the tech jargon.

Internal/External Vulnerability Scans

If you don't need a full assessment, we can help with a vulnerability scan to keep your testing up-to-date.

Compliance Alignment

For heavily regulated industries, we offer an easy to use solution to walk through compliance requirements and keep clear records on where you stand.

Internet Safety Education

People are the new perimeter for IT security. We address this reality with clear online training videos and tracking of each employee's course completion.

Phish Testing

Once your employees have been trained to protect themselves online, test their knowledge and ability to recognize dangerous emails with regular phishing tests.

Security Remediation Services

If your organization would like assistance with correcting the problems in your network, we will provide the technical services to solve the problems and implement new protection.

Managed Security Services

Security is not a one-time effort. We can help monitor your systems, patch and update, review logs for security events, and keep you out of harm's way.

Is IT Security Right for Your Business?

Working with an IT company to provide cybersecurity services is the right move for many businesses - but it's not for everyone.

Give us a call at (262) 789-8210 or click the button below to schedule an exploratory phone call about how our security services may fit in with your business plan.