Two men talking at a table in a trustworthy manner

The Trust Factor: 8 Ways to Show You Are Trustworthy

Have you ever been in a new relationship and felt caught in a trust vacuum? Maybe it’s a new customer or prospect, or perhaps just someone you are trying to form a friendship with. You think, “I wish they would just trust me; I have their best interest at heart.” I have worked with the…
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Encouraging Others - Team of people working at a desk and computer

Encouraging Others to Aim High and Achieve More

I recently heard an excerpt from a very old presentation by Viktor Frankl. Frankl is the well-known Austrian psychiatrist who was put in concentration camps by the Nazis. He famously said, “Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of…
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5 Hacks for Changing Your Programming

Have you ever wished you could hack into a human and override the current operating system? Some of you who are parents can identify. There are times when it would be great to bypass the part that causes the 2-year-old to throw a tantrum or the teen to rebel. We might not admit it, but there…
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8 Questions to Ask to Encourage Business Transformation

Have you ever noticed how some companies seem to naturally grow and adapt and even innovate, while others seem to keep doing what they have always done? Which one are you? What makes the difference? In watching companies over the last years, I think much of it goes to the attitude and action of leadership.…
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IT Security Consultant

3 Questions to Energize Your Effectiveness

Over the last few months, I’ve talked with more people who seem to be a little stalled or maybe even missing their drive to move forward. Honestly, I’ve experienced this to some degree myself. It seems to me that navigating through Covid19, supply chain issues, uncertain economic times, the lack of workers and even the…
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