5 Impactful Tech Solutions for Your Company

I recently attended a technology conference, in Chicago put on by the ASCII Group, an organization for IT professionals and Managed Service Providers.  This is one of the first in-person conferences I’ve been at in years.  It was great to see people attending in person. The energy in the room, and people learning in a…
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IT Security Consultant

3 Questions to Energize Your Effectiveness

Over the last few months, I’ve talked with more people who seem to be a little stalled or maybe even missing their drive to move forward. Honestly, I’ve experienced this to some degree myself. It seems to me that navigating through Covid19, supply chain issues, uncertain economic times, the lack of workers and even the…
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7 Areas to Optimize Workflow Efficiency in Your Office

When we think of automation, often our minds turn to the manufacturing production floor.  After all, there is lots of efficiency to be gained on the assembly line or in the production process.  However, it seems that we often overlook the opportunity to automate office work.  There is great technology available for automating the flow…
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Why IT Life Cycle Planning Matters

I was meeting with a group of business owners last week, and the topic of keeping business software up to date came up. One of the owners was specifically discussing a very static piece of software, that he thought did not need to be updated. His reasons were logical. The software worked great for what…
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6 Ways to Create an Innovative Outlook That is Receptive to Change

We are in an age of innovation that is unparalleled in its acceleration, expansion, and impact.  We’ve witnessed the rise of Amazon, and the industry revolutionizing impact of Uber and other disruptors like Airbnb, Bitcoin, Netflix, and Tesla. It is easy to see the change going on in other industries, and recognize that the old-line…
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