Four teammates discussing proactive processes for technology

Tech Harmony: Navigating Technology Stress Through Proactive Practices

We are all heavily reliant on technology to speed up the way we work. Whether you are a solopreneur, lead a large organization, or somewhere in between, work would immediately or eventually halt without technology. Technology doesn’t often stop working on a large scale simultaneously for most of us. When it does, it is quite…
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Two men talking at a table in a trustworthy manner

The Trust Factor: 8 Ways to Show You Are Trustworthy

Have you ever been in a new relationship and felt caught in a trust vacuum? Maybe it’s a new customer or prospect, or perhaps just someone you are trying to form a friendship with. You think, “I wish they would just trust me; I have their best interest at heart.” I have worked with the…
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Where Are Your Technology Blind Spots?

Blind spots are dangerous, and it is when we don’t realize we have blind spots that they are the most dangerous. When we talk about a blind spot in a vehicle, we usually recognize it. When changing lanes, we are extra careful to check our blind spot to ensure there are no cars in the…
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Gratitude is a Superpower

I recently saw a short video clip by Steve Harvey on gratitude. He told the story of his mother’s funeral in a compelling way. He said his mother’s death, he thought at the time, was the worst event of his life. He was sitting at the funeral service depressed. The minister began to talk about…
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IT Service desk - man operating a laptop

How to Build a World-Class IT Service Desk

You are working on a deadline. The presentation date is tomorrow, and the schedule is tight, your plate is full, and you are working feverishly to get things ready. Of course, your computer decides to glitch and suddenly you need help. There are countless scenarios in our companies every day just like this where team…
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