Where Are Your Technology Blind Spots?

Blind spots are dangerous, and it is when we don’t realize we have blind spots that they are the most dangerous. When we talk about a blind spot in a vehicle, we usually recognize it. When changing lanes, we are extra careful to check our blind spot to ensure there are no cars in the…
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IT Service desk - man operating a laptop

How to Build a World-Class IT Service Desk

You are working on a deadline. The presentation date is tomorrow, and the schedule is tight, your plate is full, and you are working feverishly to get things ready. Of course, your computer decides to glitch and suddenly you need help. There are countless scenarios in our companies every day just like this where team…
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The Unsung IT Hero Working Behind the Scenes

We have all been part of an event, production, or other endeavor with people working behind the scenes. This group of unrecognized people, though not the focus, is critical to making things work. With theater, music venues, and church services, the sound/video/lighting crew is essential to things running smoothly but not the event’s focus. With…
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How to Evaluate Your Technology Advisor: 7 Key Indicators of Expertise

Have you worked on a troublesome problem or challenging project that occupied your mental space far too much? Every time you got a little free time, your brain took over trying to problem-solve and figure it out. Typically, these struggles come when that problem or project is not your normal area of expertise. I have…
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Could Your Technology be Impacting Employee Morale & Retention?

Have you ever been taken off course by an event that is going on in your business? It may not even directly impact what you do every day. That thing whatever it is, steals your focus. We had just this type of distraction in the month of September. I was on my way to work the…
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