How to Evaluate Your Technology Advisor: 7 Key Indicators of Expertise

Have you worked on a troublesome problem or challenging project that occupied your mental space far too much? Every time you got a little free time, your brain took over trying to problem-solve and figure it out. Typically, these struggles come when that problem or project is not your normal area of expertise. I have…
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Could Your Technology be Impacting Employee Morale & Retention?

Have you ever been taken off course by an event that is going on in your business? It may not even directly impact what you do every day. That thing whatever it is, steals your focus. We had just this type of distraction in the month of September. I was on my way to work the…
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IT Operations at the Orthepetic Institute of Wisconsin

From Diagnosis to Recovery: Restoring and Revitalizing IT Operations at the Orthopedic Institute of WI

When we first met with the Orthopedic Institute of WI (OIW) for an IT consultation, the team was aware that their technology performance wasn’t as healthy as it could be. In the past, connectivity issues and a lack of a dedicated technical provider had led to communication mishaps between their multi-site teams and in-house IT…
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The Six Kinds of IT People

The category of “IT People” is an interesting one.  What comes to mind first when you think of an IT person?  For many it is that geeky guy who knows computers, but does not necessarily know how to communicate.  Or it might be that devious hacker, who is lurking the Internet looking for a way…
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5 Impactful Tech Solutions for Your Company

I recently attended a technology conference, in Chicago put on by the ASCII Group, an organization for IT professionals and Managed Service Providers.  This is one of the first in-person conferences I’ve been at in years.  It was great to see people attending in person. The energy in the room, and people learning in a…
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