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Navigating Growth: The Vital Role of Continuous Improvement in Successful Companies

If you are a growing and successful company, you are likely always working at improving. After all, business is like a canoe paddling upstream.  If we stop re-inventing ourselves and improving ourselves in the marketplace, we start drifting back rather than growing and improving.  It takes diligence and a focus on constant improvement to stay relevant.…
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the power of service -man working with purpose.

Choosing Purpose Over Fear: The Power of Service

During recent meetings with companies to discuss helping them with their IT, I’ve noticed a common thread that makes me contemplate the right way to do business and the broader idea of how to live and interact with people. The stories I hear from company leaders are often similar in many ways. “We are working…
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The Unsung IT Hero Working Behind the Scenes

We have all been part of an event, production, or other endeavor with people working behind the scenes. This group of unrecognized people, though not the focus, is critical to making things work. With theater, music venues, and church services, the sound/video/lighting crew is essential to things running smoothly but not the event’s focus. With…
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Could Your Technology be Impacting Employee Morale & Retention?

Have you ever been taken off course by an event that is going on in your business? It may not even directly impact what you do every day. That thing whatever it is, steals your focus. We had just this type of distraction in the month of September. I was on my way to work the…
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7 Areas to Optimize Workflow Efficiency in Your Office

When we think of automation, often our minds turn to the manufacturing production floor.  After all, there is lots of efficiency to be gained on the assembly line or in the production process.  However, it seems that we often overlook the opportunity to automate office work.  There is great technology available for automating the flow…
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