10 Ways to Cultivate the Art of Thinking Like a Customer

I heard a story from Mike, one of our Technology Advisors about his experience taking his family to dinner for a birthday celebration.  They just moved into a new house, so they tried out a Mexican restaurant near them that was supposed to be good.  Once they were settled in, the waiter began to take…
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10 Secrets to Manage Your IT Effectively

Effective IT management still often gets treated like a mystery by small to medium sized organizations.  I’m not totally sure what keeps it in that realm.  I think it is because these organizations with 10 to 200 technology users are in a position where hiring on-staff IT and managing it is not practical.  If they…
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Innovation and Growth

Why Automating Your Business Process Is Just Too Important to Ignore

I met with someone I had not talked to in quite some time over coffee this morning, and our discussion was about automating business process. I know, it sounds pretty dull to the average person, but it was quite refreshing to me. This technology is something that really gets me excited! I love technology that…
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The Next Steps for Cloud in Your Business

Cloud has been at the top of the IT list for years.  If you look back at the prognostications of IT and advisory groups like Gartner and others, you will find the cloud ranked in the top 10 technologies for years now.  You may even be tired of hearing about the cloud, which is fair. …
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Is Your IT Company a Real MSP?

I have noticed in the last year or so, that the term MSP has become quite common.  For years, when talking about IT services, I would explain what it meant to be an MSP, and how we differed from the old-line, call-em-when-things-break, IT vendor.  Now people are familiar with the term, which sounds like a…
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