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Tips for Choosing the Right Laptop

Picking out a new laptop for yourself or for others on your team seems like a relatively easy task, until you actually begin to look at the choices.  Why is laptop-X $300 cheaper than laptop-Y?  Do I really need the 8th generation chip?  Should I choose a smaller SSD drive or a larger standard drive?…
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Using Tech in AP Pays Back

Creating efficiencies and reducing costs are top of mind for business owners and managers.  Organizations that are looking to create efficiency with document and process automation often choose to start the initiative with a project in Accounts Payable.  AP is a transactional process with consistency and typically significant volume, so it is a good place…
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7 Challenges to Grow into a Better Leader

We are doing many new things at CTaccess, and sometimes it all feels a little overwhelming.  I recently had a conversation where we said with a bit of a grin, “We love change, we eat it daily with a spoon. Our favorite breakfast food is change”. Change makes us uncomfortable, but it is necessary for…
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Robotic Process Automation for the Daily Workflow

RPA or Robotic Process Automation is a rising technology that could have a huge impact in your organization. This technology has nothing to do with automating the factory floor, but instead is focused on streamlining the mundane and predictable daily work that a knowledge worker does.  In our current economy where finding workers is always…
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5 Methods for Handling Your Old Emails

It seems like figuring our what to do about old emails is becoming more and more of a complex question.  Just last week, I spoke with a contractor that wanted to archive emails related to a specific project.  The old way things were done was not the best solution, and it was time to reevaluate the…
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