Thinking Outside the Box: Fostering a Culture of Innovation

I recently met with a service company due to some outdoor plumbing problems that impacted the indoor plumbing, which is never good! This was the third company to be involved in my short quest to solve this problem, and the most innovative. This company uses cool new technology to “reline” your pipes. If they are…
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Scaling Your Business with Automation by Citizen Developers

I had the opportunity recently to get away to the annual Laserfiche Empower Conference in Dallas. It was great to enjoy a few days away from everyday work life and focus on learning and new technologies. In the keynote address, Karl Chan, CEO of Laserfiche, talked about innovation. Sometimes we view innovation as a lofty…
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The Robots Are Coming: The Rise of OpenAI and ChatGPT

According to the New York Times, Google became the World’s largest search engine in 2000 when it reached the point where it indexed over 1 billion web pages. Since then, Google has become a household word. We “Google it” to learn anything we need, want, or are just curious about. The supremacy of Google has…
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How to Evaluate Your Technology Advisor: 7 Key Indicators of Expertise

Have you worked on a troublesome problem or challenging project that occupied your mental space far too much? Every time you got a little free time, your brain took over trying to problem-solve and figure it out. Typically, these struggles come when that problem or project is not your normal area of expertise. I have…
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An image of a hand interacting with an AI model

8 Technology Initiatives to Move Forward in 2023

It is that time of the year when we mentally reset and start fresh for the new year. We often ask ourselves what is coming, and the prognosticators make predictions. So, what is coming in technology for 2023? We could look to the latest from analysts and media outlets like Gartner, InfoTech, Forbes, and others,…
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