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Robotic Process Automation for the Daily Workflow

RPA or Robotic Process Automation is a rising technology that could have a huge impact in your organization. This technology has nothing to do with automating the factory floor, but instead is focused on streamlining the mundane and predictable daily work that a knowledge worker does.  In our current economy where finding workers is always…
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5 Methods for Handling Your Old Emails

It seems like figuring our what to do about old emails is becoming more and more of a complex question.  Just last week, I spoke with a contractor that wanted to archive emails related to a specific project.  The old way things were done was not the best solution, and it was time to reevaluate the…
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7 Measures of a Successful Year

What is the measure of a good year? It is easy to bear down throughout the year, shoot for quarterly goals and lose track of the big picture. Or get into cruise mode when things are going well. Or to just be caught up in the crazy pace of life. If we take a step…
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The Story of Jonathan the Amazing IT Guy – A Modern Day Myth

Jonathan works as the lead IT person for the FOYI Company. He is part of a small team of two people who make up the FOYI tech team. Jonathan takes the lead in tech, and Mark is his intern helper. Between the two of them they manage IT for the entire company. On a typical…
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The 5’s of Desktop Replacement

It’s 2017, and all of us who have oversight for IT expenditures understand that technology needs to be replaced.  The issue is that many of us still wing it and really don’t have a solid strategy for replacing equipment.  This creates some serious issues, and ultimately creates a higher volume of IT issues and team…
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