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Cloud Service Provider

5 Questions That You Can’t-Miss Asking When Choosing a Cloud Service Provider

Moving to the cloud is a necessity in an increasingly digitized world. That’s the reason expenditure on IT support services is increasing. 28% of spending within key enterprise IT markets will shift to the cloud by 2022. Cloud services help companies not only cut costs and streamline their workflow but also keep their data secure.…
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Cloud Computing

What is Your Next Step with Cloud Computing?

Cloud has been the IT hype for the last ten years.   Many of us have moved email, file sharing, simple applications and maybe even our main line-of-business application to the cloud, but we still have a large portion of our IT infrastructure on premise.  It seems that especially in the SMB market, which I define…
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The Evolution of the Cloud

The Cloud has been the hot topic in IT for what feels like almost a decade now.  It has changed the landscape of how business does IT.  Virtually everyone has experienced some move to the Cloud.  You may have moved a main line-of-business application or even full servers to the Cloud. Your move to the…
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