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Our mission is improving lives through technology.

We are focused on helping companies who have similar values and purpose to ours. We want to improve the businesses and lives of those we work with and improve our own team.

Our History

Learn how CTAccess got started, where we are from, and who made us what we are today.
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Our Commitment

Learn about our promises and commitments to your business.
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Why CTAccess

Professional IT Services. Excellent Customer Service.

We’re guessing you wouldn’t choose to manage IT problems if you had the choice. Whether it’s a slow computer, slow system, slow search for the information you need, or slow response time from your current provider, our IT professionals can help.

In asking our current customers why they choose us, we consistently get responses that say…

  • CTaccess is there for us. When things break, don’t go as planned, or something changes, they respond, take the pain out of technology, and put us back on track.
  • In working with CTaccess, we don’t have to deal with techno-speak. They present things in a way that we can understand and talk in plain English. They take the geek out of technology.
  • CTaccess understands our business and our people and they help us apply technology in a way that works for us. They provide more than technology and software. They provide a solution that solves business problems and improves how we work.
  • We can rely on CTaccess to get the job done. Even when multiple vendors are involved and integration is necessary, they take the lead and bring all of the parts together.
  • We trust CTaccess. We know that they are not going to sell us a solution that is not going to work, that we don’t need, or that provides no real benefit for us. We don’t have to worry that we are being oversold, or that we will have a failed implementation. They commit to the project and see it through.

Providing IT Support Services in Wisconsin and Northern Illinois

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