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Using Technology to Enhance Customer Service

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Using Technology to Enhance Customer Service

Woman-with-headset-150x150There is no denying that customers are a key part of any company and the customer service you provide is important.  The level of customer service will either enhance or degrade customer loyalty. Providing excellent customer service can be difficult, but it is critical, especially in today’s economy, since customers have more choices than ever for who they choose to do business with. Having the lowest cost might not be as important as being dependable to a customer. Using technology can enhance the customer service you provide and can give customers a choice in how they choose to contact you.

Using email for customer service requests provides a quick way for customers to let you know they have a question or need help. Exceed customer expectations by setting up the service request emails to automatically convert to a service ticket. A service ticket dashboard can help ensure customers get a timely response.

Provide a way customers can get a hold of someone 24/7, especially if it’s an emergency.  Often companies use an automated telephone system to provide this service.  However, some customers might find this more annoying than useful and may prefer personal contact.   Consider an after-hours answering service which allows customers to reach a live person 24x7x365.  They are able to speak with someone who will respond to their request and then notify your staff of their call.

What about using online chat, which allows customers and prospects to communicate with your company real time.  I use this tool when I need a quick answer to a question, but I’m not sure which department I should speak with, or if I need help with something and don’t want to hold on the phone.  It provides another way for a customer to reach you and the opportunity for you to help them with a real-time response.

A good CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system can provide a company dashboard to help unify communications. You will be able  track customer calls and open issues, as well as effectively track marketing campaigns, and manage your sales pipeline.

Ultimately, it is a person that needs to respond and provide the information or answer to the customer’s question.  However, using technology to help facilitate the communication and make it easier for a customer to reach the person they need may lead to better customer service.  After all, customers are vital to the success of any business.