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Trending Mobile In a Big Way

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Trending Mobile In a Big Way

iStock_000017445518XSmall-150x150Flurry Analytics recently posted statistics tracking usage of smartphones and tablets across both Android and IOS devices. These statics are interesting, and maybe not what one might expect.

According to Flurry, the average time spent per mobile device is slightly more than 2.5 hours per day. Of that time, 80% is spent within applications, and only 20% is spent browsing the web. Surprisingly, email only gets about 3 minutes per day.

What is the biggest category? You might have guessed already. No, it is not Facebook, even though Facebook gets a fairly large share at 18% of the pie. The largest slice of time goes to the games category at right around 51 minutes per day! Yes, we are an entertainment focused world.

At one time it was predicted the mobile devices would negatively impact Facebook and even contribute to its demise. It turns out that the opposite is true. Facebook appears to be alive and well in the mobile market. What is happening is mobile is taking over the desktop and laptop market, and an even larger part of discretionary time is being spent on mobile devices.

For the full report and some great charts and graphs, check out the Flurry blog.