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To Become a Google Expert

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To Become a Google Expert

Lady-with-Laptop-150x150Have you ever had the need to find something through Google, but you just couldn’t put the correct search string together, to find that right information? Well, you no longer need a Master’s degree in Library Science to put together a search combination that will return exactly the information that you need.

Google has developed two online courses that you can take. These courses will show you how to use all the advanced searching features, provide you a better understanding of how Google handles your searches and teach you better ways to create the queries. You  will be able to find what you are looking for more quickly and easily. You can access these free courses online whenever you like. They are broken up into five and ten minute videos, so you only have to watch the videos that you need or find interesting.

When you access the main site, Google Inside Search,  you will find links to Power Searching and Advanced Power Searching. Both of these self-study courses offer great insight on how to use one of the most power search engines ever created. One of my personal favorites is the “How Search Works” discussion. It gives you a quick inside view on how Google creates their index and displays the search results.

So, if you are a frequently frustrated Google user, who can’t stand to type in query after query without the right results, try a few of these sessions and see how quickly you can sharpen your skills.