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The Must Haves in SmartPhone Apps

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The Must Haves in SmartPhone Apps

Email-Alert2-e1378414035516-150x120If you have a smartphone, you probably already have the basic apps such as Facebook and Google Maps, but what apps would make your smartphone easier to use, more secure and of course, more fun?

Let’s start with the easier. If you have a lot of friends, and they use different instant messaging, then Imo Chat is for you. This allows you to sign in to the most popular instant messengers all at the same time. Want to up your productivity? Then try Gmote. This app lets you move the cursor on your PC or Mac by using the phone’s touchscreen. It’s a great way to open and close windows on your desktop or laptop, when it’s across the room. You know all those retail rewards cards on your keychain or in your wallet? Use your phone camera to scan in the cards and access your cards from the CardStar app.  If you are like me, writing things down is key. Evernote lets you sync notes with your computer and your mobile device. Access your notes from anywhere you have access to a web browser.

Security is always an issue. With SuperPassword or 1Password, you can store all the passwords you need on your phone under a high level of encryption. If your phone is lost or stolen the chance of someone finding this important information is slim. And if you have lost your phone, you’ll wish you had Lookout Mobile Security . This #1 rated free app for both Android and iPhone users shows your devices’ approximate location on a map and will sound an alarm even if it is on silent, so you can find your phone if it is nearby. Lookout will backup your contacts and important data, so even if you do lose your phone, you will not lose all your data too.  Plus Lookout scans for malware and spyware that could steal your personal data.

We all know that apps need to be fun! We have Netflix and Hulu Plus for the movie buff and Pandora for discovering new music based off your favorite artist or song.  Does it drive you crazy when you can’t remember who the artist to a song is? Shazam will “listen” to the song for a minute and let you know who sings it. UrbanSpoon will help you know where to eat if you are visiting an unfamiliar city. UrbanSpoon will also reserve a table for you and get you directions. Try Epicurious for help planning what’s for dinner. Browse and save recipes, create shopping lists or search by what is in your fridge to find a recipe you can make tonight

You can find these apps and so many more my searching in the app marketplace for your phone. You’ll probably have to set up an account and it may cost a few dollars, but you will find a plethora of handy and fun tools for your phone.

Source: PCWorld