The Internet or the 6’oclock News?

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The Internet or the 6’oclock News?

Woman-on-Laptop-150x150It’s amazing how fast we get news now days! Within a matter of minutes or even seconds we are hearing about the latest disaster, or who has been elected to office. The internet and social media have changed how we stay current with what’s happening in the world.

For most of us who are constantly connected to our devices this is not hard to grasp. The internet is a vital part of our every day life. We check the news online, use social media, shop or pay bills online

, and even do research online. Without the internet most of us would feel helpless.The internet offers us the ability to be connected to information 24 hours a day 7 days a week. It is surprising to me that a recent Gallup Poll shows only 21% of Americans rely on the internet and social media for their news. TV is still the number 1 source (55%) for people staying up to date with the news.

With the constant need to feel connected and to know what’s going on in our world and community at a moments notice, I expect the internet and social media to continue to trend higher, while print and TV will decline. TV took the place of radio. Will the internet displace TV as much as newspapers? Only time will tell.