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Reason #1 – Why Managed IT Support Makes Sense

Times Have Changed! Think about it. 20 years ago, the most important device in your office was the typewriter. Executives had secretaries who took notes and wrote letters for them. Fax machines were high-tech, and a mouse was a rodent. Even those who had computers could function without them. Sales could go on, production could…
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Small and Smaller

Just 50 years ago computers were the size of rooms and could only do a fraction of what they can today. So, it is simply amazing that 2 mini little treasures have been unveiled for our Linux enthusiast or anyone who likes things that come in small packages and are named after sweet treats. The…
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Windows 8 Preview

In September, Microsoft® released the first real preview of their proposed Windows® 8 platform. The Beta version of Windows 8 Consumer became available for download just days ago. Though the product is not slated to officially release for over a year, these first look at the new product is creating a stir among reviewers.   In fact, the November 2011 edition…
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Google Privacy Changes Coming March1st

Google will implement their new privacy policy and terms of service agreement on March 1st. They are consolidating 60 separate privacy policies and extending them across most of Google’s offerings. This pretty much means that all your Google account data will live in a single profile. Google says this change will ultimately benefit their users.…
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Do You Roku?

Simply put Roku is a Streaming Player that allows you to instantly  stream entertainment on virtually any television using the power of the internet.  The Roku motto is anything you want to watch, listen to, and enjoy should be there on your TV whenever you want it. All you need is a high speed internet connection,…
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