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Remember Why You Bought That Hammer

Many of us have been guilty of spending more time on Facebook than we meant to or fiddling with our smart phones instead of engaging with real people. Where do the tools of technology stop being helpful and become distracting enough for us to lose sight of our goal? When you buy a hammer, you…
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Cool Tool: Yammer

Are you looking for a better way to communicate electronically within your company and with your team members? Yammer may just be the answer. Yammer is a great collaboration tool for organizations. It allows you to setup groups for people in your company, even external groups for working together with key customers or vendors. Use…
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Are Mobile Phones Replacing Credit Cards?

Did you ever think that someday you would use an app on your smartphone to buy a latte or tank of gas? A recent survey cited by American Expressshows that up to 95% of smartphone users in 30 countries have made a mobile purchase. Today mobile payments are worth $240 billion worldwide. And it is…
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6 IT Pitfalls Business Owners Should Watch Out For

Not that long ago, I met with a company for an introductory meeting about their technology.  This company was a mid-sized organization in the travel business, with around 50 people.  We discussed their technology and their high level of frustration with IT.  As we began to dig deeper, they made it known that they had…
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Social Network Does a Society Make?

There is no denying that a large number of people on the internet have an “internet personality” that differs from their own.  This difference can be as small as being outspoken on the internet while being shy in person, or as large as using a false name and phone number when registering with certain websites…
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