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Sneak Peak of Apple iOS7

Coming-Soon-150x150Apple’s finally given us a sneak peak of iOS 7 and released it to developers.  It is slated to be available to end users in the Fall.  The first look at iOS 7 showed a completely redesigned interface with a new control center, transparent animations and more.  Here is a quick look at some of the iOS 7 new features and updates.

AirDrop, a Mac feature new to iOS is a peer to peer networking feature that lets users share files, pictures and pretty much anything.  Simply tap the share button and select the person you want to share with.  AirDrop transfers the file using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.  Transfers are encrypted, so your share is completely secure.  The recipient can choose to accept or not whatever you are trying to share.

iTunes Radio has 200 plus radio stations.  It works similar to Pandora.  You can make your own station based around artists you like.  The more you listen, the more it will be customized to your listening preferences.

iOS 7 takes multi-tasking to another level.  It gets to know your habits and refreshes your app before you even launch it.  If you check Facebook every day at 7am, your feed will be ready and waiting.

Apple’s personal assistant, Siri has been given a new interface.  You can choose new voices.  There are new commands for Siri as well, like “turn on Bluetooth” or “increase my brightness”.  Siri has been integrated with Wikipedia, Twitter and Bing to help answer your questions.

The camera app has been updated with a new layout and a more swipe friendly interface.  Choose to take your picture in different lens shapes including square, circle and panorama.  You can add filters in live photo view, before you even take your shot.  Or take your shot and apply a filter later.  Plus there is a new zoom feature in video mode.  Simply pinch the screen while shooting to get closer to your subject.

If you drive one of the 2014 iOS7 enabled cars, you will be able to integrate with the built-in screen in your vehicle.  Not only will you be able to access maps for directions and control the music player, but the car will read your messages to you and let you dictate a response.

Sarfari’s update is more than just a new interface.  Look for improved bookmarks, sync and most importantly no more limits on open tabs.

The App store has a completely new look.  With over 900,000 apps, it will be easier to find what you are looking for.  Apps Near Me will show you popular apps based on your current location.  My favorite update to the app store is the new Kids category.  You can easily find appropriate age based apps for your kids.

iOS 7 will be compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch 16GB/32GB/64GB, iPad 2 and iPad mini.  If you read the fine print on Apple’s website, not all features will be available on all devices.

Apple’s claim is that iOS 7 makes things faster and easier.  Apps will look different, yet familiar which means no big learning curve, when you upgrade to the new OS. I for one am looking forward to the release and some of the new features.  What about you?  Which new feature or upgrade are you looking forward to?

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