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Scan Anywhere Anytime with this Easy to Use App

Man_with_TabletBet you didn’t know you had a document scanner in your pocket!  Well, not quite, but with the addition of an app for either Android or Apple, you might be surprised what your tablet or phone can do.

Genius Scan is a simple app that lets you use the camera in your mobile device as a document scanner.  You could just take picture, but Genius Scan takes things to the next level.  It applies cool stuff like smart page detection, perspective correction, and other image enhancements to truly turn your photo into a document.  It automatically crops and removes unnecessary backgrounds and then allows you to export the document as a PDF.

Think of all the uses.  You can stop carrying those papers you collect at meetings.  You can capture expense receipts instead of filling your pockets or purse.  You can send that signed contract to the office right away!

Genius Scan is free for basic use.  You can upgrade to the plus version for $6.99.  It adds the ability to export to cloud apps like Dropbox or Google Drive.  It also gets rid of ads and lets you print and use a customized email signature.