Reason #2 – Why Managed IT Support Makes Sense

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Reason #2 – Why Managed IT Support Makes Sense

Why-iStock_000011860969Small-150x150Your Business Depends On It!

A friend of mine works as a truck mechanic for a fuel company. They have a fleet of trucks that run continuously, and if they break down productivity and revenue are immediately impacted. Because these trucks are so important to what they do every day, they have a maintenance plan, a regular schedule to inspect them, and a system for making sure they get fixed and maintained.

Isn’t it true that technology is just as important to our business, as this fleet of trucks is to the fuel company? If our technology stops or slows down, our people either can’t work, or their efficiency goes down dramatically. Frustration increases, productivity goes down, and people have to work longer hours than necessary.

Why is it we don’t always see our approach to technology with the same clarity as production? Technology is not self-maintaining and requires regular attention to keep it operating smoothly. A do-it-yourself approach, or a fix-when-broken philosophy will only bring frustration, slow-downs, and risk.

What is the best way address this need in our businesses? A four pronged approach is essential.

  • A clearly defined proactive maintenance plan should be in place that includes patching, monitoring, and optimizing systems.
  • Systems administration should apply IT best practices to your technology to create less risk and less reactive problems.
  • A disciplined process for handling help desk type issues should be implemented and a process put in place to attack and resolve the core issue of each problem.
  • Finally strategic oversight and planning should be applied to make sure that there is a clear vision for the technology within your company. Everything planned, everything with a checklist, everything scheduled, and everything operating smoothly.

This is possible with the right team, the right systems, and the right oversight. A managed approach to IT will make all the difference.