Reason #1 – Why Managed IT Support Makes Sense

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Reason #1 – Why Managed IT Support Makes Sense

Why-iStock_000011860969Small-150x150Times Have Changed!

Think about it. 20 years ago, the most important device in your office was the typewriter. Executives had secretaries who took notes and wrote letters for them. Fax machines were high-tech, and a mouse was a rodent. Even those who had computers could function without them. Sales could go on, production could go on, and things still worked.

Today if your network is down, your company is down. That means people are standing around with nothing to do. Communication stops. Production stops. Confidence in your company may be damaged. Sales may go to the competition. How much does it cost you to be down for an hour? For a day?

According to an IDC study published in 2009, the average midsize company experiences 16–20 business hours of network, system, or application downtime in a year. This study also indicated that the consistent use of management systems and software with the addition of a strict policy of following best practices will reduce this downtime by 85%.

Do you still treat your technology like a typewriter? If it breaks, you call in a repair guy? Is your on-staff technology person constantly putting out fires? Does the way you treat technology match with how critical it is to your organization?

Operating in reactive mode is risky. Consider a disciplined, proactive approach to technology that is completely managed, reduces risks to their smallest level, and gives you peace of mind. Imagine IT being invisible, having the assurance that you don’t have to worry about it, and even knowing that it is making you money! Our CT Complete Care Plan does just this! Please contact Scott at 262-789-8210 or to learn more.