Quick Tip for Creating a Personalized Email Signature

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Quick Tip for Creating a Personalized Email Signature

Email_GuyWould you like to spruce up your email signature, and maybe even include your logo, social media, and some graphics? Not quite sure how to get started since you don’t know how to write code?  Check out exclaimer.com and their free email signature generator.

Once there type in your contact information, social media links, website, and upload your logo, if desired. It will generate a very professional email signature that can then be downloaded, or in some cases, copied and pasted into your email signature.

Sure, you could do it from scratch, but this generator makes it very easy.   Exclaimer provides it as a free service to generate traffic to their site.  Their paying business is providing software that controls email signatures and disclaimers for the whole company, and also software to archive and control email history.

Keep in mind, some email packages do not accept graphics, so when sending to those users, your logo and other graphical items will appear as attachments rather than in your signature.  This makes it important to include your company name and other information outside of the logo, so that these users will still be able to read the important stuff.

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