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One Simple Way to Avoid Workstation Upgrade Pains

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One Simple Way to Avoid Workstation Upgrade Pains

Woman-on-Laptop-150x150So, you just upgraded to a new computer (or reloaded an old one). Everything is fast and speedy, except there are no iTunes, you can’t open any PDFs, and even some website content won’t play. You realize that you now need to go out, find and individually install all of the utilities that were all working on your old machine to keep you running smoothly. Do you remember which sites to go to download all of those helpful utilities that just worked on your old computer?

Thankfully, there is an easier way! Head on over to They have links to all of those useful utilities in one place. iTunes – check, Adobe Reader – check, Adobe Flash – check and many more. Just scroll down the page and check any of the items, that you would like to install on your computer. Once you’ve picked all of your items, click the “Get Installer” button at the bottom, and run or save the installer to run later. When you run the installer, it goes out and automatically downloads the latest versions of each of the programs that you selected. That’s it! Most all of your common utility apps are available at You can even suggest an app, if it’s not there.

Now where is my Office disc?