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Looking for Some "WOW" in Your Presentations?

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Looking for Some "WOW" in Your Presentations?

Project-Discussion-300x199If you are looking for a way to put some more “WOW” into your presentations, try the cloud based presentation software, Prezi. It is more of a free form canvas presentation than a sequential slide presentation like Microsoft PowerPoint.  It is like using a huge whiteboard to give your presentation and tell your story.  You can incorporate not only text and pictures but add videos and a storyline.  The “canvas” layout deters you as a presenter from using too much text and encourages combining text, images and multimedia.

One of the coolest features is ZUI, the Zooming User Interface. Use it to get your audience to pay attention with a cinematic feel by zooming in to see the details or zooming out for the big picture.  It is a fun tool to use for exploring ideas and the connections between them.  You really need to see a Prezi for yourself in order to understand what I mean.

They have templates and themes to get you started creating your own Prezi. When it comes time to present, you can present online or download and show your prezi anytime, anywhere. Another bonus feature allows online collaboration for up to 10 people to co-edit and show their Prezis in real time.

There is a free version of Prezi, which brands every presentation with the Prezi logo and offers 100MB of storage. A Prezi is public by default. You will have to pay an annual fee to upgrade to a private account. Try it. It is the coolest presentation tool I have ever seen.

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