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Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone? How Do You Choose?

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Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone? How Do You Choose?

Laptop-Tablet-and-Phone-150x150Are you in the market for a new laptop? Have you considered that a new smartphone or tablet might be a better choice?

Smartphones and tablets are virtually replacing personal laptop computers. Actually, they are revolutionizing portable devices. Smartphones are becoming increasingly sophisticated, but they do have limited capability. Tablets are a better fit for people looking for more functionality than a smartphone can give you. So, what do tablets and smartphones do differently from your laptop?

Sure, you can surf the web on a laptop. With a smart phone, you can connect to the web from virtually anywhere, anytime without needing Wi-Fi. You can look for a new restaurant, make a reservation, and then navigate yourself to its door within minutes. You can do the same with a tablet plus have a better internet browsing experience with a wider keyboard and nice large screen. No squinting while watching movies or using Google Maps, if you have a tablet.

We all communicate via email. With a smart phone, you can text someone for even quicker communication. Texting is faster than email and less intrusive than a phone call. Attaching pictures to an email or text is immediate with your smartphone or tablet. Both allow you to not only take the photo, but instantly attach it as you write and send your email.

Need to carry your device with you? Choose a heavy laptop bag to wear on your shoulder, or, put your smart phone in your pocket and have it with you at all times. In fact, have it be your only phone. 20 somethings are, in essence, showing us a world void of the land line concept. With our smartphones, we are ever available and could have one less monthly bill. Tablets too are more portable than laptops. They are thin and light, only about 1 pound, and you don’t have to lug around a heavy bag to keep it protected.

iTunes is for downloading music, right? Create a playlist. Transfer the playlist or songs to your MP3 player. Or download music right to your smart phone, nearly eliminating or simplifying the entire process. Download the music wherever you and your phone are, the beach, the market, the library! If you prefer, sync or stream your music to your tablet. There are all kinds of cool music apps to play with for both your smartphone and tablet.

Laptops are coming down in price, but smartphones are able to do more than ever. Then there is the tablet which is somewhere in between both price and capability. Tablets don’t do anything you can’t already do with your laptop and smartphone. If you don’t need performance for heavy computing tasks, you might be able to ditch your laptop all together. It is all about what you need and want from your mobile device.