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A long time ago, we found a gap in the IT marketplace. Small companies, like those found throughout Oak Creek, had few choices for IT support and strategy. They could get fixes when they needed them, but not the long-term game plans and protection they deserved.

At CTaccess, we designed our services specifically to fit this gap. Our unique, personal approach allows us to provide excellent leadership to small and mid-sized businesses. We’ve become a thriving Oak Creek IT support company known for helping companies with similar values to ours. Whether you need maintenance or help with big IT installation projects, we’re your local team.

IT Support Solutions

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Our Oak Creek IT support services contain everything you would get from a traditional (in-house) tech team -plus other extensive offers at a lower price. We keep businesses like yours running with minimal or no downtime. From disaster recovery planning to regular data backups, CTaccess covers it all.

Fully Managed Solutions

Are you ready to offload every aspect of your IT - while still retaining total ownership? Turn to our fully managed solutions. We’ll oversee every workstation, network, server, and user to ensure your team stays safe and productive. You focus on running your business – we’ll handle the IT side.

Co-Managed Solutions

If you already have an IT team, but they’re a little stretched thin, consider our co-managed IT services. CTaccess will handle the tedious, day-to-day IT tasks so your current team can prioritize more important things, like the overall success of your company’s technology.

Our Approach

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We start by taking a look at your current maintenance plan - or lack thereof. Our team determines where you need immediate patches and optimization, then we go from there. CTaccess IT support services revolve around a deep understanding of your business’s requirements and preferences - so let’s get to know each other. 



We don’t settle for second-best. Our team will apply the best practices to your technology to reduce risk as much as possible. The lower your risks are, the fewer problems we’ll need to address in the future. We’re thinking long-term. 



CTaccess will develop a defined process for handling all help desk issues. When we resolve problems, we don’t just slap bandages on the problem areas. We get to the root of the issue and eliminate it to prevent reoccurrences in the future.



Do you have a firm plan for the future? With strategic oversight, we’ll establish a clear vision for technology within your company - for tomorrow and beyond. After all, planning is the key to smooth operations. 

Experience What Our IT Services Can Do for Your Business. Connect Now.

When it comes to doing IT right, we have years of experience. CTaccess will guide you toward the perfect solution for your business based on size, need, and preference.
Give us a call at (262) 789-8210 or click the button below to schedule your exploratory call. It’s time to find the IT strategy for your team.