In Never Ending Debt

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In Never Ending Debt

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you consider debt? We often equate debt with bad things. People are evicted from their homes because of non-payment of debt. Businesses close because their debt burden is too high. Credit card debt with high interest crushes people’s ability to get right side up again. These are the negative realities of debt.

For these reasons, my first reaction to debt is not good. I have avoided it all my life. And yet, is it possible being indebted is a good thing? Consider a person with an attitude of indebtedness versus an attitude of deservedness. Would you rather be around someone who recognizes all the ways they have been blessed, or someone who thinks the world is against them, and they have pulled themselves up single-handedly by their bootstraps?

You may have heard people say, “you deserve that”, or “I deserve that”. I get it. Sometimes you see someone who has worked hard and deserves to enjoy the fruits of their labor. However, the talk of deservedness often rubs me the wrong way. If we begin to think we deserve things, we are in danger of an attitude shift in the wrong direction.

How much better is it to live a life that is constantly indebted? In, you’ll find that indebted is one of the primary synonyms for grateful. To be grateful is to be in debt to someone. I don’t know about you, but I am in debt for so many things. It’s not debt I am trying to run from, but one I want to acknowledge.

There are so many ways I am DEEP in DEBT!

  • I was born and live in the USA. Life certainly isn’t perfect here, but it is so much better in so many ways. We have freedom here like few other countries. We can choose where we live, where we shop, and what we buy. We can choose our education, choose where we work, take a vacation, and so much more. Even though things aren’t perfect, we still have the freedom of opportunity and the freedom to choose.
  • I was born into a family with two loving parents. My parents remained married. They were both present and involved during my childhood. They cared about me and loved me. They taught me to work HARD. I spent many days in the woods with my dad cutting firewood, in the fields fixing fence, and taking care of livestock. I am grateful my parents stayed married and are both still living, about to reach their 80th and 90th birthdays. They gave me a legacy of love and hard work.
  • I was introduced to a merciful and loving God early in my life and recognized my own depravity and surrendered to Jesus Christ. Though this relationship doesn’t make life perfect, His grace does rub off on me. I am not what I would have been without Him. Thankfully. I understand this is not everyone’s experience, but I am forever in debt to a wonderful savior and that relationship is still changing me and allowing me to truly live a life of indebtedness.
  • I was able to go school, do homework, and learn. I didn’t always appreciate this, but the older I get, the more thankful I am. I want to keep learning. We have so many books, podcasts, and learning opportunities, and so little time. The opportunity to learn and grow is a truly a gift.
  • I am married to the woman of my dreams. After over 30 years, we are still loving and in love. We have 5 beautiful daughters, 3 sons-in-law and 2 adorable grandchildren. These people in my life bring me great joy.
  • Though I have been blessed with so many good things, there has been hardship in my life. People very close to me have died, there have been challenges with teenagers, health issues, work crises and so many more hard things. These things that were heart wrenching and anxiety inducing at the time have become steppingstones to mature, build and grow. Even these hardships are things I have grown to be grateful for.
  • I am blessed to run a business together with my wife, Vicki. In this business, we have the honor to serve so many people. We serve our customers with the goal of helping them succeed in their mission and purpose. We serve our team. They are the real engine that keeps us moving forward. We have been given the opportunity to serve others in our community and abroad by supporting and being involved with organizations who help the poor, the fatherless, the homeless, and those who need a helping hand.

You may be thinking that I have lived a charmed life. You are ABSOLUTELY right! I have been given great privilege and great opportunity. My hope and prayer is that we all recognize the great opportunity we have, and we live with open hands and an open heart.

May we all offer…

a strong hand up to those in need,

a compassionate ear to those who need to be heard,

an encouraging word to those who are struggling,

a prayer for healing to those who are hurt,

and humble guidance to those who are lost.


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