How GOOD is Your Backup?

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How GOOD is Your Backup?

ComputersYou spent the money on a solid backup solution.  It runs automatically.  It has all the bells and whistles to recover everything and do it quickly.  This is good, but just as important is your approach to verifying it.  Backups need regular attention and without it, they WILL FAIL you.

There are three basic steps to doing a simple backup verification:

#1 Someone should review the logs daily.  This could be some reliable person in your company, or it could be your managed services provider who can automate this as part of their monthly service plan.

#2 A simple test restore should be conducted at least quarterly.  Your backup is only as good as your last test.

#3 Validate your offsite procedures. It is important to verify your offsite procedure is working  at least every six months.

If you aren’t doing these things, now is the time to start!  Let us know if you need some help making this happen or want to consider a managed service plan to perform this verification for you.