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tent-and-computer-150x150Summer is fast approaching, and in our house that means later bedtimes, trips to the beach, lots of popsicles and our annual camping trip. In truth, I am not crazy about camping. I don’t like sleeping on the ground with the bugs and that creepy raccoon that walks around our tent thinking he is entitled to my marshmallows! Don’t get me started…. that being said I am pretty excited about some of the high tech gadgets that are becoming available for “campers” such as me.

First things first, I never go anywhere without my iPod Touch or my cell phone. I don’t know what exactly would happen if we were separated but with the Solio Magnesium Charger, we won’t need to find out. This handy device will fully charge both gadgets with solar power and use their own USB charging cable. Cost is about $100.00.

My other issue is that I am directional challenged. The Magellan Triton may help keep me on track. For about $300 Magellan offers a waterproof GPS that sports a 2.7” color touch screen, it has detailed maps and one of its many features is a 2 mega pixel camera for documenting adventures that can later be downloaded to your PC for sharing. If I liked to hike in remote areas, the ACR Electronics Terrafix 406 GPS I/O Personal Locator Beacon would be perfect. The beacon has both an internal GPS and an external optical interface. In case of emergency, the signal from this unit can reach authorities for help. It is also waterproof and buoyant. Could be a life-saver for someone like me. Models starting at $280.00.

In my search for making camping more comfortable, I found a tent that isn’t yet out for consumers to buy but oh, when it is I will be standing in line. This beauty has it all! Orange Glastonbury Solar Concept Camping Tent is an incredible innovation, the state of the art fabric captures the sun’s rays making it a wireless hub, giving you not only warmth and cooling but also has a “magnetic” charge of sorts, so you can charge mobile devices within the pouches of the tent . The potential of this tent is staggering.

I’m feeling a little more at ease about our summer trip now that someone has addressed my personal camping “needs”, now is there a way to those coons out of my marshmallows?

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