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Google Alerts

Email-Alert2-e1378414035516-150x120Google Alerts is a powerful tool for tracking trends, topics and anything new that is posted on the web.  It is a simple and user friendly email alert service for the latest updates based on your search term.  You enter a query and Google checks for results regularly.  Then Google Alerts will email you the results when it finds anything new.

If you are continually searching for the same terms, you can setup a Google Alert to email you when there are new results for your search.  Google Alerts will let you keep track of who is talking about you, your company or even a competitor.  Maybe you want to stay up to date on the news from your hometown.  You can search for what is going on in your old neighborhood.  Get crime alerts and the good news too.  Find out when someone you went to school with makes the news.  If you are looking for a good deal, search for coupon codes, discounts and promotions.  Set an alert for coupons and discounts to your favorite retailers.  Maybe you are job hunting; target alerts for companies you are interested in and the type of job you are looking for.

To get started, go to  First enter your search term(s).  Make it as specific as you can, or you will end up with too many results.  Then, choose the type.  Do you want news, blogs, web, or video?  Search all of them by choosing Comprehensive.  Specify how often you want to receive email alerts.  Fill in the email address you want the alerts to go to, click “Create Alert” and you are done.  Google couldn’t have made it much easier!

If you don’t want to use Google, try one of these apps:

Talkwalker: advertises “social media monitoring has to be easy, customizable and speedy”

Mention: monitor the web and social media from any device anywhere with both free and paid subscription versions; Mention is scalable to fit your needs

If you have another alert alternative to share, please let us know about it.