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Getting More From Your Wi-Fi Only Tablet

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Getting More From Your Wi-Fi Only Tablet

iPad-Photo1-300x198Congratulations! You finally did it! You bought yourself a tablet, but you saved yourself a bit of money by going with a Wi-Fi only tablet. No surprise, most people don’t need the extra data plan. Here are a few tips for getting more from your Wi-Fi only tablet:

Tether-Use your phone’s built-in tethering ability. You will probably have to pay the carrier an extra fee. Another way is to download a third-party app such as PdaNet.

Mobile hotspot– You can get a dedicated mobile hotspot from your wireless carrier. They are usually faster and more reliable than being tethered.

Preload Magazines and booksZinio lets you subscribe to hundreds of magazines. You have to pay for the subscriptions, but you can download entire magazines before you leave your Wi-Fi spot. The Amazon Kindle app will let you download ebooks from Amazon’s online store and have free access to all the ebooks at your local library.

Free texting appsTextPlus and Pinger let you text for free. Pinger actually gives you real phone numbers, so your friends don’t have to text back to an email address.

Find a Wi-Fi connection– Android users can use an app like Wi-Fi Analyzer to identify Wi-Fi networks and their signal strengths without having an internet connection.

Fun!– Many games don’t need an internet connection, just purchase the game and download when you have a connection.

With so many options, you probably won’t even miss not having a built-in data plan. And of course, with the money you saved, you can always buy some fun accessories for your new gadget.