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First Look at the Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Red_New_ArrowMicrosoft is releasing their new Surface Pro 3 in the US on June 20th and the details are out!  Many suspected it would be a “mini” to rival the smaller iPad.  Instead Microsoft has gone the other direction.  They have made the largest Surface yet at 12” and .36 inches thick.  Why go bigger?  It appears they are going after the Ultrabook laptop market.  Keep in mind, the Surface Pro, unlike the iPad is a fully functioning PC.

In addition to the size of screen, they have added and upgraded a number of other features.  This unit has a new kickstand that actually holds the unit up similar to a laptop display, and does it successfully, unlike many of the tablet cases that frequently fall over.  There is an optional an enhanced keyboard with a larger track pad with a built-in touch button.  It also has a USB 3.0 port and an exposed micro SD card for easy transfer of data.  It has a very sharp screen at 2160 x 1440 resolution.  In addition, it has a pen that functions with precision similar to a normal pen, rather than the clunky stylus must of us are used to with this type of tablet.  The pen links directly to OneNote for some pretty cool note taking features.

If you like the smaller form factor laptop and the lightweight form factor is important to you, the Surface 3 may be the right device for you.  It truly crosses the line from tablet to laptop replacement and may allow some to simplify to one device.

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