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Cyber Security Tips to Keep You Safe From Hackers and Scammers

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Cyber Security Tips to Keep You Safe From Hackers and Scammers

Cyber_CrimeOctober is National Cyber Security Month 

In our online, mobile society, we are constantly faced with cyber threats. Cybercriminals are very savy in figuring out ways to lure people into their traps. The emails they send look legitimate and make you think you need to click now. According to Symantec, someone becomes a victim of cyber crime every 18 seconds! The damage they cause is at the very least frustrating and can be devastating.

Here are a few of the top security tips to keep you safe from hackers and scammers:

  • Don’t click on links to your accounts sent in an email.
  • Bookmark websites you frequent often. Eliminates typing the wrong URL and accidentally going to a phishing website.
  • Check the permissions requested of the apps you are downloading
  • Check the reviews. User comments will tell you if it is a fake app.
  • Only download from the source or trusted app store.
  • Check the app download details. If there is a misspelling, chances are it may be malware.
  • Install a mobile security solution that scans for malicious apps.
  • Use a unique password for every account you have.
  • Disable auto-fill on your browser.
  • Use long and complex passwords.
  • A password management tool can help you create strong passwords and track them.
  • Don’t share your credit card details unless you are shopping on a secured site.
  • Customize your privacy settings and limit who can see your posts.

By following these tips, you won’t eliminate your chances of getting caught in the web of a cybercriminal, but you will reduce the chances significantly! For more information on how to stay safe in this online, mobile society contact us today!

Source: Trend Micro