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Why Digital Transformation is Essential to Every Organization

Digital transformation describes creating radically new ways of doing business based on developing technology. Industry changers like Uber, AirBNB, Netflix and others either inspire admiration or strike fear. Could we be “Uberfied”? Could we “Uberfy” our competition? The cool thing about technology is that both of these are worth considering. Technology can be leveraged by anyone, even…
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10 Ways to Nail Your Goals

What will it take to make 2017 a great year? The approach of a new year often makes us introspective. Something about how we are wired makes us want to look at the new year with renewal and hope. It only takes a look at the many New Year’s resolutions and the gym full of…
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8 Core Characteristics of an Exceptional Salesperson

What makes a great salesperson? I’ve heard this question asked in many different ways by business owners over the last 25 years. I’ve talked with some who gave up on hiring a sales team altogether. One said to me, “I’m just doing sales myself because I am my best salesperson and I’ve spent too much…
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7 Questions to Assess Your Cybersecurity Readiness

Most of us are aware of the ever present threat of hackers and cybercrime. The news has been littered with stories of companies large and small who have fallen prey to the very sophisticated world of hacking and information theft. In the book, Future Crimes by Marc Goodman, he writes “The more we plug our…
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5 Time Travel Secrets

We have all experienced the desire to go back and fix something in the past.  I recently started watching the 1985 sci-fi comedy, Back to the Future, with one of my daughters, and it is top of mind as I think about the value of time each and every day.  I think this is one…
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