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5 Results Every Business Leader Wants

So often we let successes go uncelebrated.  We are striving to finish a project. We are trying to meet a goal. We are implementing a new system or process, but when we see results, we are already focused on the next thing.  Maybe that is a byproduct of our American culture, or maybe it is…
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The New Wave of Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is creating serious disruption in the business world and will continue to have a profound impact on large and small organizations worldwide.  To understand the impact of digital transformation, we must first define it in a way that is practical.  Digital Transformation is simply using innovative technology to redefine how you do business. …
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Tips for Choosing the Right Laptop

These are the kinds of questions I hear from business customers and from friends and family, as they are looking at Windows laptops.  We do take some of the pain out of the process for our business customers, as they often trust our recommendation based on our understanding of their purpose and situation. The most…
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Using Tech in AP Pays Back

Creating efficiencies and reducing costs are top of mind for business owners and managers.  Organizations that are looking to create efficiency with document and process automation often choose to start the initiative with a project in Accounts Payable.  AP is a transactional process with consistency and typically significant volume, so it is a good place…
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Robotic Process Automation for the Daily Workflow

RPA or Robotic Process Automation is a rising technology that could have a huge impact in your organization. This technology has nothing to do with automating the factory floor, but instead is focused on streamlining the mundane and predictable daily work that a knowledge worker does.  In our current economy where finding workers is always…
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