Are Your Online Accounts Protected?

You can’t live today without online accounts and passwords. If you are online at all, you probably have at least 10 of them to remember.  Facebook, LinkedIn, email, Twitter, Snapchat, Bank, Credit Card, Evernote, Dropbox, Messenger, Snapchat, Network Access and I’m just getting started. Nearly every app you download for your mobile device wants you…
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10 Tips for Selecting the Right Tablet

The tablet market is continually changing. New tablets are out almost every week. The question many have as they look at entering the tablet market is which one? The interesting thing is that the answer is constantly changing. It depends on your needs, and the very changing market. How can you choose the right one?…
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Scan Anywhere Anytime with this Easy to Use App

Bet you didn’t know you had a document scanner in your pocket!  Well, not quite, but with the addition of an app for either Android or Apple, you might be surprised what your tablet or phone can do. Genius Scan is a simple app that lets you use the camera in your mobile device as…
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