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Stop the Crazy and Propel Productivity with This Solution

When was the last time you had that feeling that things were getting a little too crazy? At the pace business runs today, it can get a little overwhelming to keep up with all the deadlines, priorities, details, and next steps. So often it seems too hard to break out of the mold and go…
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6 Tricks to Keep Your Online Accounts Secure

You can’t live today without online accounts and passwords.  If you are online at all, you probably have at least 10 of them to remember.  Facebook, LinkedIn, email, Twitter, Snapchat, Bank, Credit Card, Evernote, Dropbox, Messenger, Snapchat, Network Access and I’m just getting started.  Nearly every app you download for your mobile device wants you…
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5 Best Practices You Should Know To Insure Your Data Is Safe

When talking about data security, I often tell the story of the company we worked with years ago who invested in what was a nice state of the art tape backup system. The backup was automatically run every night, and they diligently replaced the tapes each day. One day, we got a call from a…
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CyberSecurity Update: Local Businesses Hacked by Cyber Criminals Lose Millions

This headline might sound crazy and sensational. It has not been reported in local media, but it is really an accurate statement.  In just my corner of the world, I know personally of multiple companies that have lost hundreds of   thousands of dollars as result of email scams, online bank fraud, and a variety of…
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