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Become All Powerful with Windows 8 “god mode”

Superhero-150x150One of the difficulties of Windows 8 is finding where to make setting changes. Configuration files and wizards are located in so many different places, that it can be tough trying to remember where to go to add printers, adjust monitor settings, delete browser history or remove applications. If you could have all this power at your fingertips and under one icon, it you could make you feel like a superhero or even a god.

Well, if you are more than a mere mortal, then I will share with you the ability to do just that. There a few steps required to get setup god mode. So, follow along:

1) Make sure that you can view hidden files, after all you wouldn’t want god mode plainly visible to all users.

a. Open File Explorer
b. Click on the View tab
c. Check the boxes next to “Hidden items” and “File name extensions”
d. Close out File Explorer

2) Right-click on your desktop and create “New” then “Folder”. This will create a folder on you desktop called “New Folder”.

3) Right Click “New Folder” and select rename. Name the folder:

If you don’t like the idea of having an icon called godmode, you can change the text in front of the period to something like “mastersettings” or “superhero”. The important part is the part that starts with the period and ends with the “}”. It has to be exactly like that string of characters to work.

Once that is done, you will have an icon called “godmode” or whatever you decided to name your folder. When you click on the icon, you will see a single location that contains just about every setting that you could want to change. Just scroll through the list and find what you need. You can setup a god mode icon for Windows 7, if you are not using Windows 8  just yet. Or download the MygodMode app for Windows from Google. A single, one stop shop, for all your settings. For those old gamers out there, welcome to god mode.