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Will the Microsoft Surface be a True iPad Rival?

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Will the Microsoft Surface be a True iPad Rival?

Coming-Soon-300x300Microsoft is shaking things up in the tablet world with their release of the specs for the new Windows 8 tablet, Surface. This first look at the new tablet is getting lots of press.

The number one new feature causing much excitement is the detachable keyboard cover that acts like Apple’s smart cover. It connects to your Surface with a single magnetic click and comes in five fun colors. It is a full multi-touch keyboard and trackpad and protective cover all-in-one.

Surface has a sleek all-magnesium VagorMg case. It comes with a built in Kickstand, a 10.6” widescreen HD display and two cameras. Surface has two antennas for what they tell us will be the best WiFi reception of any tablet. With a HDMI port and a two full-size USB ports, you can use the tablet, as if it were a desktop or laptop. Connect to a monitor or hook up a USB to connect to other devices.

There will be two flavors of Surface. The Windows 8 RT version tablet is expected to run you about $600. The Pro model will run a full-featured Windows 8 and give you all the benefits of a desktop. This model will be powered by Intel chips and will come with up to 128GB of memory. It is expected to cost $800-$900.

Microsoft has some catching up to do with over 225,000 apps available for the iPad. Microsoft does have the advantage that it is the dominate pc operating system and new Pro tablet will run the full version of Windows 8. With so much to live up to can they deliver? I can’t wait to find out!