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2 Minute Backup Challenge

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2 Minute Backup Challenge

Tech-in-front-of-Server-150x150We all know that a backup and disaster recovery strategy is critical to our business.

Take this 2 minute backup challenge to see if you are on-target with your backup strategy. Answer yes or no to the following questions:

  • Does your backup run at least daily?
  • Does your backup run automatically without intervention?
  • Does someone monitor daily for success or failure?
  • Do backups go offsite at least daily?
  • Are databases and other programs with special requirements part of your daily backup?
  • Does your technology person or company conduct regular test restores?
  • Do you backup at least 10 business days worth of revision history?
  • Do you believe your backup strategy meets your organizations needs?

If you answered “No” to one or more of these questions, ask yourself:

How long will it take to recover from a complete failure? How much revenue would your company lose in a down situation per hour, per day?

*Remember it is not “if” you need your backup, it is “when”!

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