MusicIf you haven’t checked out the class of higher end mini Bluetooth speakers, you may want to.  I recently got a Jawbone Jambox Mini-Bluetooth speaker unit for Father’s Day. I was pleasantly surprised!

These little units are about half the size of a building brick and put out great audio. You can quickly pair the speaker wirelessly with your phone or tablet and send your music to this device.  It puts out a surprisingly rich, clear sound with good base for such a small unit. It will work with your iPhone, Android or any Bluetooth capable device.

Batteries run for about 10 hours, and it charges via a USB plug or wall charger.  I haven’t tried it out, but it is supposed to have a microphone too, so you can use it for hands free phone calls.   On Amazon it runs right around $110 in black.  Watch out for the cheaper copies, they tend to have inferior sound and don’t connect to your phone or tablet as easily.

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