thumbnail-docIcon-150x150Google has updated its Android app for Google Docs, so that users can access their files without an internet connection. You can now access your documents, presentations, spreadsheets or any file in Google Docs that you have saved while being offline. Google Docs will automatically update offline files, as soon as you’re back online or your files can be manually updated when there is a data connection. Just make sure to select to “make available offline” in the app’s document list. Even if you don’t have a data connection at that moment, the app will remember and retrieve your file the next chance it gets. The update is available for the Android tablets as well with better layout and resolution. This is due to the app taking advantage of the extra pixels on the tablet’s screen.  Plus, there are new navigation controls. You can swipe left and right to turn pages or use the slider and the bottom of the page. Google Docs is available for free in the Android Market.

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