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Document Management Solutions for K-12 Education

All K-12 schools and school districts can benefit from a document management solution. From automating administrative processes and student record keeping to eliminating paper filing and storage, CTaccess provides document management solutions that increase efficiency and minimize costs, our IT professionals are here to help.


Problems Faced:

  • Time-Consuming Manual Data Entry
  • Paper-Based Processes
  • Limited Storage Space
  • Limited Resources
  • Increased Human Error
  • Slow Search for Information
  • Inefficient Manual Search Processes

How We Can Help:

✓ Enhance Business Office Efficiency

✓ Improve Staff Productivity

✓ Enforce Consistent Records Policies

✓ Simplify Regulatory Compliance

✓ Find Information Faster

✓ Simplify Records Transfer

✓ Streamline Deployment and Integration

✓ Digitize Timesheets for Easy Storage and Retrieval

✓ Eliminate the Need for File Cabinets

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ECM Solution Benefits K-12 Educators District-Wide

  • Administrators
  • Schools
  • Districts
  • Teachers
  • Staff
  • Scan documents directly into student files
  • Protect private information with comprehensive security functionality
  • Provide administrators with secure Web access to student files
  • Easily search disciplinary or academic information in student files
  • Instantly print copies of student files for parents

K-12 Education Document Management Solutions in Wisconsin

School administrators, teachers and staff can all appreciate how the benefits of a time-saving enterprise content management system, like Laserfiche®, can help. ECM systems allow schools and districts of all different sizes to efficiently:

  • Maximize the Value of Existing Technology Investments
  • Cost-Effectively Deploy Enterprise-Wide
  • Enforce Consistent Records Policies
  • Guarantee the Reliability and Integrity of Student Files
  • Automate Work Processes
  • Simplify Administration

Typically, organizations find that through the above implementations, we can help you become 30-40% more efficient by improving processes and automating systems.


Efficiency Increase


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Whether you are evaluating document management software for the first time, or looking to replace a legacy system, The Guide to Document Management by Laserfiche® will provide you with everything you need to start your research including:

  • An Introduction to Document Management Solutions
  • A Needs Assessment for Your Organization
  • A Guide to Creating Your Own Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • Understanding Your Organization’s Records and Risk Management Factors.
  • Evaluating the Functionality of Different Document Management Solutions.

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