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CTaccess and Laserfiche® Industry Solutions

Sick of trying to find files on your server, or even worse, in a filing cabinet or banker box? There’s a better solution that provides instant, keyword searchable access to your documents and records. As a provider of Laserfiche, CTaccess can work with you to find ways to manage your files in a faster and more efficient environment – no matter what industry you’re in.

As an ideal document management solution, our Laserfiche ECM solution is perfect for any business in any industry struggling with traditional paper work flow, storage and stringent regulatory demands.

Take your expertise and build on it, as we help you adapt the software to your existing business processes, making them – and you – smarter, faster and more efficient.

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Manufacturing & Distribution

  • Manufacturers, Distributors, Manufacturers Reps
  • Automated accounts payable, accounts receivable and other financial functions
  • Automate Sales & Quoting, Customer Service, Operations, Production, Human Resources, Quality
  • Assurance, Delivery, Service,
  • Eliminate production bottlenecks, speed processing of orders, meet compliance requirements, provide self-service to customers

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State and Local Government

  • Working with municipalities since 1989
  • CTaccess is a long-time supporter of the GIPAW and WMCA
  • Minutes, Agendas, Resolutions, Permits, Property Information, Meeting Automation, Agenda
  • Management, Inspections, GIS integration and much more

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  • K12 and Colleges/Universities
  • Improve business office efficiency
  • AP, HR, contracts, timesheets
  • Manage faculty records, recordkeeping and credentialing
  • Manage student records and integrate with SIS
  • Streamline management student applications and financial aid

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  • Medical Billing, Surgery Centers, Patient Records, Hospice
  • Quickly search EOBs for pertinent information
  • Automate admission and the approval process
  • Streamline AP, AR, Contract Management, and Insurance
  • Support HIPAA compliance
  • Decrease operating costs while improving service

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Financial Services

  • Financial Planners, Wealth Management, Private Office, Banks
  • Improve SEC, FINRA, and other compliance
  • Automate resource intensive processes, improve services, integrate with CRM and other systems, accelerate audits, improve branch management, streamline client files, and loan processing

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Employment, Recruitment, and Search

  • Automate candidate and resume searching
  • Create consistent workflow for recruitment
  • Streamline hiring and placement process
  • Manage office files like AP, AR and contracts and eliminate paper


  • Manage client and case files efficiently
  • Apply process and workflow to manual tasks to create consistency
  • Improve transparency and accountability

Other industries

  • Multi-location industries that need to manage the flow of information
  • Paper intensive organizations that need to streamline

Providing Document Management Services in Wisconsin and Northern Illinois

We are local experts in: Document Management and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) in Milwaukee, Waukesha, Brookfield, Menomonee Falls, Germantown, Pewaukee, Greater Milwaukee Area, Madison, Green Bay, and Northern Illinois.

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