Document Management

Document & Enterprise Content Management Solution

Enterprise Content Management – or ECM. What does that mean? It means you can find files. It means you can scale back on storage space. And even better, it means you can streamline processes and save time.

Laserfiche ECM

Transform daily operations with powerful, easy-to-implement ECM software. Capture, process and secure all your documents.

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Business Process Management

Improve your organization’s performance by applying workflow and approval technology to optimize how things get done.

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Information Consulting

Let our experts help as you plan your path toward automation and document management.

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Departmental Solutions

Often organizations start in a single department and scale for the enterprise.  Focused solutions for HR, AP, Contracts, Case Management and more are all here.

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Industry Solutions

We have specific expertise in a broad cross-section of industries ranging from Manufacturing to Financial Services and much more.

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In this world of information explosion, most organizations are dealing with vast increases of data which are difficult to manage. Sound familiar? Many companies have readily implemented automation in their production processes, but we’ve found that automating the flow of information in organizations is often overlooked.

Document Management is the blend of process, software and hardware which is essential in creating leverage – helping businesses streamline operations, reduce risk, create competitive advantages and increase profits. Do more with less with this transformative technology.

Your ECM Partner

Save time and never lose a document again! Learn more about our partnership with Laserfiche® and contact our ECM consultants to move your business forward today.

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Important Benefits of Document Management:


Gains of 30% to 80% in time spent on daily office processes in all departments including: Accounting, Human Resources, Administration, Production, Maintenance, and others.


Process Driven Environment

Work is queued for people and they don’t have to go search for it.

Cohesive Information Flow.

ECM is often the missing glue that integrates disparate processes and software systems into one cohesive information flow.

Technology Controlled MMP

People expend energy and concern on what really matters and technology handles the mundane manual processes (MMP).

  • Gains in efficiency create an edge over the competition by doing things faster and better with lower overhead
  • Electronic security far exceeds that of physical paper and it can be easily backed up in multiple copies unlike paper which is almost always a single copy original.
  • Customer Service is improved because processes are transparent and information is quickly available.
  • Efficency 95% 95%
  • Risk 3% 3%
  • Customer Service 89% 89%

Providing Document Management Services in Wisconsin and Northern Illinois

We are local experts in: Document Management and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) in Milwaukee, Waukesha, Brookfield, Menomonee Falls, Germantown, Pewaukee, Greater Milwaukee Area, Madison, Green Bay, and Northern Illinois.

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